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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ipsy July 2015 Glambag Review

Ipsy is a cosmetic subscription service. For $10 a month and free shipping you get a new, cute "glambag" with four to five deluxe sample size, or full size beauty products. It's a great and affordable way to try a lot of products that you probably wouldn't normally buy. You can cancel at any time.

I've been subscribed for over two years now, and it's rare that I don't like at least one item in each bag I receive.

The bags and samples also make great gifts (in my humble opinion) for any beauty lover you might know.

Here's what came in my July bag!

The bag this month is a canvas material with an abstract Chevron pattern printed on it in multiple colors. It looks very summery.

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow
- Shade: Bronze
- Size: 2.8 g
- Value: $16.00

This uniquely formulated crayon doubles as an eyeliner for thick, precise lines as well as a perfectly-blended eye shadow.

Creamy texture with long-lasting hold.

I would like this. I use eyeliner pencils all the time. I just don't like bronze/brown/gold colored makeup.


Crown Brush Tweezers
- Color: Black
- Size: N/A
- Value: $6.99

The stainless steel Professional Tweezers come complete with tips that are perfectly aligned, hand-filed at a 45 degree angle with carefully calculated tension.

Everyone needs a pair of tweezers and these are good ones.


Pur-lisse Pur-bright Skin Brightening Serum
- Shade: N/A
- Size: .34 oz
- Value: $25.33

A bright idea in beauty - creating luminous, even-toned skin without harsh ingredients. Key ingredients in this hydroquinone-free concentration are clinically proven to help brighten through our unique, exclusive peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5. Its 9 powerful plant extracts strengthen skin against future damage, while safely decreasing melanin production for fewer age spots. Pure genius!
Serum Benefits:
Brightens skin tone.
Evens out skin without the use of harsh chemicals.
Decreases the appearance of age spots and sun damages.

I haven't tried this yet, but I like what it says it will do.

Teeez Read My Lips Lipstick
- Shade: Killing Me Softly
- Size : 2 g
- Value : $22.00

This long-lasting lipstick combines the power of highly-pigmented coverage and a unique satin, matte finish. The lipstick’s smooth, ultra creamy texture and added coconut oil extract nourishes and hydrates the lips, with color that lasts for up to 8 hours.

This bright coral color is pretty bold. I can pull it off, but the texture of the lipstick doesn't work very well for my dry lips, even after exfoliating. I'll have to top it off with a gloss to make it look better.


Jor'el Parker Classico Perfume
- Shade: N/A
- Size: .8.8 ml
- Value: $21.00

Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Classico whisks you away from the day-to-day. Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin.

This is some strong smelling perfume!  It's not a bad smell, but it doesn't necessarily go well with my body chemistry.


Bag Value:
Jelly Pong Pong shadow & liner: $16.00
Crown Brush tweezers: $6.99
Pur-lisse serum: $25.33
Teeez lipstick: $22.00
Jor'el perfume: $21.00

Grand total: $91.32

Um, what?  That is crazy to me. I honestly cannot believe the prices of some of these products. Especially the Pur-lisse!  $75 for the full size? That stuff better work! My favorite item this month is the Teeez lipstick.

Interested in trying Ipsy?  I'd love it if you used my link!